How to use

How to use 2 different kinds of strainers:

Hurom has both fine and coarse strainers. Choose a strainer for a suitable ingredient.
Use the fine strainer with 'small holes' if you want somewhat clear juice or firm and fibrous ingredients like apple, carrots, grapes, celery, etc…
Use the coarse strainer with 'bigger holes' if you want more pulpy and thicker juice or soft type of ingredients like strawberry, kiwi, banana, etc…

How to use the control lever:

The control lever helps to squeeze all the nutrients of seed and peels of ingredients more firmly in the juice.
Start on ● CLOSE position.
Stay on the Close position in case of soft ingredients like strawberry, kiwi, banana, etc…
For fibrous or seed ingredients, once the chamber starts filling up, switch the control lever to Half Open and stay till the last minute of squeezing to extract pulps remaining inside the chamber. You may experience a little shaking, but it is normal.

Tips & Cautions

The hopper won't open after squeezing:

Hurom rotates slowly with 43 RPM in a minute to maintain fresh juicing.
If you put ingredients faster than the rotating speed, the chamber can be overloaded by ingredients and the hopper may not open temporarily.
Have you put any small seed ingredients like grapes or fibrous ingredient like celery?
If so, place the lever to Half Open mode position after you start the squeezing.
It will prevent the hopper from not opening.
Press & hold the Reverse button for 10-20 seconds (2 times).
At the same time, open the hopper counterclockwise to open easily, then the hopper can be opened easily.

During squeezing, juice leaks outside of the chamber:

Check if the chamber packing on the bottom of the chamber and the silicon wiper on the side of the spinning brush are properly inserted.
Please check if both the chamber packing and spinning wiper are completely tightened in.
If they come off or if you experience juice leakage during squeezing, change the chamber packing to see if the same phenomenon disappears.
Call A/S center if you lost the extraction seal.

There is a mark on the squeezing screw or strainer:

Do not worry. It is a gate mark from the last step of the manufacturing heat process. It is not a defect.

Scratch / Wave / Sword mark: These are not defects. These marks are from the last step of the manufacturing heat process.

Simple cleaning is not working properly like TV show:

Simple cleaning by putting water into the chamber & rotating is just a temporary function that can be used between making different kinds of juices.
After done squeezing completely, please separate all the parts and clean thoroughly.
Normally, the best quality of juice can be maintained by squeezing for several times of full chambers.
We recommend you to disassemble the chamber and wash the parts after squeezing a big amount of juice.
*Amount of juice for the best quality without cleaning can vary depending on the ingredients.