Hurom History

Hurom has been devoted to elevating the juicing experience since 1974 with innovative technology and customer centric focus. Our products are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles by empowering our customers to effectively integrate nutritious, whole foods into their diet.

The Hurom Promise

Hurom is driven by helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to continue to create innovative designs that make slow juicers and their many benefits accessible to everyone.
1974 : Hurom is founded as a kitchen appliance company. With a passion for
nutrition, Hurom’s founder began the ambitious journey to create
appliances that support and facilitate a healthy lifestyle.
1979- 1988 : Hurom releases innovative kitchen appliances, including the
electric food processor.
2005 : The world’s first Slow Juicer and Slow Squeeze Technology (SST) is
2010 : Hurom Slow Juicer is selected as the World Class Korean Product
2013 : Awarded Red Dot Design Award & IF Product Design Award. Hurom is
awarded the world renowned Red Dot Design Award & IF Product Award for
its excellence in product design.